6 fatal mistakes when changing engine oil

It is the condition of the oil in the engine that will determine the absence of any critical malfunction of the power units. Therefore, it is extremely important to competently perform such work, choosing the right oil and trusting such service only to experienced professionals. Let’s consider in detail fatal mistakes that motorists make when performing oil service and what to do with old license plates ontario.

Incorrect choice of technical liquid
Very often the motorists don’t think about the right choice of oil, they buy either the first oil that they see, or the brands that are recommended by the seller in a store. Such technical liquid will have mediocre performance characteristics, it is not able to lubricate the engine properly, which leads to its premature wear and the necessity of major repairs of the power unit.

High or low oil level in the engine
Incorrect oil level in the engine is a common mistake, which leads to subsequent problems with the operation of the power unit. Indeed, it is difficult to choose optimal level at once when changing the lubricant, therefore after such service it is recommended to drive about 10 kilometers, then leave the car for some hours, check oil with a dipstick and if necessary top up the oil to the recommended level.

Lack of an O-ring on the drain plug
Often when we do an oil service, we buy grease and a filter, completely forgetting about the o-ring under the drain plug. Subsequently, oil will leak from the drain plug, which is either missing altogether or uses an old seal that doesn’t provide the necessary sealing.

Incorrect oil filter installation
Often car owners and masters during service tighten the oil filter loosely, that causes appearance of leaks, through which up to one liter of oil or more may leak out. As a result, the engine will run dry for a long time, it contributes to quick engine wear, and all such problems could have been avoided by properly tightening the oil filter, using a special wrench for this purpose, which allows measuring and adjusting the force when tightening the filter elements.

The filter should be used in the oil service original, they usually come with all the necessary gaskets, which greatly simplifies the performance of engine maintenance. But having saved on such an oil filter, subsequently you will need to solve problems with lubrication, which will not be properly cleaned, which contributes to the rapid wear and corking of the engine.

Loose drain plug
The oil drain plug is also often loosely tightened, and oil starts to leak actively from underneath it. And the oil can leak in motion only, so it is extremely difficult to determine such malfunctions of the engine. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to check how well the plug is screwed, even if you entrust all the work to specialists in the service, rather than perform it yourself.

Loose cap of a car’s throat
A loose neck cap can also lead to all sorts of malfunctions. It not only leaks oil, but also creates incorrect pressure in the system, which may cause failure of the gas recirculation valve, which leads to the need to go to the service and conduct expensive and complicated engine repairs. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to tighten the filler plug tightly, and it is recommended to change them every 100 thousand kilometers, which allows ensuring the correct operation of the car engine.

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