More and more families have their own cars, and it’s no wonder that parents take their children to various preschools almost every day. Moreover, there are more and more junk cars in oshawa.

But an accident can happen on the road, and the child is at risk of serious harm.

From all the unexpected no one will give a 100% guarantee, but you can largely insure yourself if you buy and properly install in the cabin of the family car profile child safety seat.

For the smallest babies it makes sense to choose a small cradle, belonging to group 0. In these children sit correctly – only half lying down, perpendicularly or headfirst (against the traffic) and then they are secured with wide safety belts.

The strength of the seating position can be guaranteed by using the IsoFix universal anchorage system. In this case an additional adapter in the vehicle is assumed.

Smaller passengers are secured using three-point seat belts.

For children under 7 years and weighing up to 25 kg, the usual choice is for Group 1 or 2 car seats, which are visually similar to the sport seats, but smaller in size: they are fitted with side support cushions and extra protection for the head.

They are often equipped with removable backrests – when the child grows up, the seat converts to a Group 3 versio


For children under the age of 12 years and weighing no more than 36 kg, the best choice would be boosters, which are particularly robust designs that can save a child’s life in severe accidents.

Boosters are designed for children taller than 120 cm, children sit on an anatomical cushion which allows them to be secured with conventional seat belts designed for people taller than 150 cm.

Boosters from the best manufacturers, as a rule, are also equipped with armrests, further enhancing the degree of comfort.

Child seats have a great many combinations. You can meet on sale models 0 + / 1 / 2 or more expensive analogues as a group 1/2 / 3.

But in any case, the child has to sit in the proposed seat and parents should fix it with locks and latches. If he turns out to be comfortable, then only in this case, the chair can be safely purchased.

When buying the above chairs parents should pay attention to the upholstery fabric: synthetic versions will last longer than cotton ones, they dry quickly, do not deform after washing and perfectly withstand hard sunlight.

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