Putting the radio in the car

Long before the spread of mobile communication, the radio station served as the only communication on the road. Until now, this type of communication has not lost its relevance, because it is autonomous and free. All you have to do is install a radio station. They have not lost their relevance and cash for scrap cars etobicoke.

Disadvantages of the radio station:

frequencies are open to public listening, so the conversation will be heard by outsiders;
communication duplex type, ie, you can not talk and listen at the same time – all as in the walkie-talkie;
You can only talk to those who have installed the radio station and tuned it to the right frequency.
Many tractors and buses are still equipped with radios at the factory. But in the case of passenger cars, this is not the case, so each car owner chooses the place and option of mounting the radio station independently. Common options are to place the device in the receiver socket, next to the driver’s seat, at the feet of the front passenger seat or on the dashboard.

It is against the law to install a radio station with more than 10 watts of power. But it is not easy to detect such a violation, so the law is not enforced.

It is important to properly tune and adjust the antenna. If you turn on a radio without an antenna, there is a great risk that it will burn out. An antenna increases communication coverage even if the transmitter itself is low-powered. A poorly tuned antenna will not allow communication to work properly even with increased power. That’s why the work of installing the radio transmitter and debugging the antenna should be entrusted to the service station workers.

It is better to put the antenna in the center of the roof. If the voice of the interlocutor can be heard clearly, it means that everything is fine tuned. Only he can judge about the quality of tuning of your equipment by the sound of your voice. If you don’t hear your interlocutor very well, don’t be in a hurry to shout loudly into the microphone, he may hear you just fine. Your station is just badly tuned to receive the signal.

When buying a radio, don’t buy an amplifier (“brick”) right away. It’s better to test it without one. At the very least, store around.

Remember, Channel 9 is listened to by rescuers, it is exclusively for emergency reports of accidents. Talk on other topics on this frequency is not allowed.

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