The main purpose and symptoms of a lambda probe malfunction

Injection engines allow you to get more power from a smaller engine displacement, at the same time, such power units are distinguished by good fuel efficiency indicators. In many ways, this is achieved due to the presence of various electronic systems and sensors in the motor that monitor all operating parameters. One such device is the oxygen sensor lambda probe located in the exhaust system. It is not uncommon for the sensor to break down, which leads to significant malfunctions in the motor. So strong, in fact, that sometimes you even have to turn to those in the scrap car removal brampton.

If the lambda probe fails, the engine starts to work unstably, the revolutions float, power is lost, and fuel consumption indicators can significantly increase. If you notice such symptoms on your car, you need to contact the service as soon as possible, carry out engine diagnostics and troubleshoot oxygen sensors.

Purpose and principle of operation of the lambda probe
The main purpose of the lambda probe is to analyze the composition of the exhaust gases. The data it receives is sent to the engine control unit, which adjusts the air-fuel mixture, thereby providing the highest possible power and improving fuel efficiency. During the operation of the car, the lambda probe is subject to significant loads, the sensor is in an aggressive environment, constantly in contact with exhaust gases heated to high temperatures. Unsurprisingly, as you use the car, oxygen sensor malfunctions are noted, as a result of which the engine runs unstable, requiring a service call.

Symptoms of malfunctions
It is possible to accurately determine the existing breakdowns of the lambda probe only by performing computer diagnostics of the engine. However, by indirect indications, the master or even the car owner himself can determine the malfunction of the oxygen sensor, after which it is replaced.

Signs of a lambda probe failure include the following:

1. Floating idle speed.

2. The engine starts to jerk.

3. Loss of power by the motor.

4. Appearance on the dashboard Check Engine.

5. Unstable motor operation.

6. Increase in fuel consumption.

If one or several of these symptoms of malfunctions appear on your car at once, you need to contact the service as soon as possible, carry out the appropriate diagnostics and determine the breakdowns, change the lambda probe.

Self-diagnosis of malfunctions
The most effective way to determine the existing malfunctions of the lambda probe is computer diagnostics. You can also install a working oxygen sensor on the car, reset all errors and see if the engine is working normally. In some cases, it is possible to diagnose malfunctions of the lambda probe by visual inspection, check the connection of the wires, which should not have any traces of oxidation. It is also possible to ring the sensor using a voltmeter, which allows you to obtain voltage data and compare them with the passport values ​​in the instructions for the car.

Cleaning the lambda probe
In most services, the wizards will claim that the lambda probe is not repairable and if problems arise in its operation, the sensor should be replaced. However, in some cases, it is possible to clean the lambda probe, thereby returning it to its operability and reducing its costs for operating the car. Carbon deposits appear on the sensitive element, which is located under the protective cap, as a result of which the sensor stops correctly reading information on exhaust gases. Initially, you should try to clean the lambda probe in phosphoric acid without removing the cap, and if such work has not yielded any results, the cap is removed using a lathe, and subsequently fixed with argon welding.

Replacing the lambda probe
First of all, you need to remember that an oxygen sensor similar to the model installed on the car should be selected. Replacing it is not particularly difficult, it is necessary to disconnect all wires from the sensor, unscrew the lambda probe with a wrench, then install a new sensor in the reverse order and check its operability.

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