Types of automobile shock absorbers and their selection criteria

Shock absorber refers to the most important elements of the car suspension, directly affecting the steering of the car. Apart from the fact that it creates the necessary comfort during the trip, the car shock absorber is also a safety device. It is its quality of work which determines the car behavior on bumpy roads and on corners as well as the value of braking distance.

Choosing auto parts, you can pay attention that this manufacturer is also ready to offer three types of quality shock absorbers: gas, oil or oil-gas. Which type to choose depends on the planned load on them. Car with any type of shock absorbers ready to accept for scrap for good money here: https://scrapmycarnear.me/service-areas/scrap-my-car-mississauga/.

Oil shock absorbers

This type of shock absorbers, sometimes called hydraulic, are able to provide a soft and fairly comfortable movement of the car. The oil shock absorber is not designed for frequent driving on bad roads, and with prolonged driving at high speeds can also boil over. They are also not very comfortable in big city conditions, but incomparable on long trips on good roads.

From other types of shock absorbers, oil shock absorbers are characterized by low cost, which is not affected by the low quality of the part, but by optimized manufacturing technology. Two-tube shock absorbers, which consist of a pair of cylinders, are considered classic. Thus, if the car does not have a sporty zadavit, oil shock absorbers will be the best choice.

Gas shock absorbers

Gas-filled type shock absorbers are single-tube, and their device differs from oil-filled ones in the presence of several reservoirs and the substance used to compensate for the occurring dynamic loads, which, as a rule, is gas or air. Such shock absorbers are the most rigid in use, but they are steadily popular due to the better stability of the car on the track, reacting to the bumps in the road much faster, unlike the oil ones.

Gas shock absorbers have also other advantages. For example, in case the floating piston breaks the seal, which can result in its deformation, the oil will not be squeezed out. There is an opinion that gas filled shock absorbers behave the best in cold and winter conditions. In addition, they have found use in sports cars, as they provide excellent traction with the track in difficult situations. Not quite optimal for daily use or for long journeys, moreover, they are more expensive than other types.

Gas and oil shock absorbers

This type of shock absorbers, compared with the oil ones, are considered the most technologically advanced and are something in between the two types already described. Unlike oil shock absorbers, they are stiffer, but they do not have such a disadvantage of gas ones as “boiling”, since liquid nitrogen is used inside them instead of oil. They are ideal when driving on bumpy and bad roads. Also, their service life is significantly longer, but the price, in comparison with hydraulic shock absorbers, is higher. It is the gas-oil shock absorbers that are in the best demand among car owners.

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