What are the dangers of air leakage in a car engine?

An air bubble trapped in the human heart leads to death. Air trapped in the heart of the car – the engine, leads to less tragic consequences, but is also fraught with great trouble, can stop it forever. If this does happen, then turn the car in for recycling: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

Just as a normal person constantly monitors the state of his body, a normal motorist constantly monitors the “health” of his iron companion. “Organism” of the car, of course, is less complex than human, but there are many reasons for various malfunctions and failures, especially if the car is no longer young.

Besides, such problem, as, for example, air leakage, sometimes occurs even in absolutely new automobile. Of course, it is seldom inherent in expensive modern foreign cars, but domestic cars quite often suffer from such “illness”.

The cause of sucking is often the units supplying the fuel-air mixture to the engine, which, of course, may have an impact on its operation. For example, it may be that the car starts up, but after a while stops responding to the accelerator pedal. Then, as a rule, follows the deepening of the problem, when the engine can be started only with great and repeated efforts of the starter.

If the car does not start at all – look whether fuel is entering the cylinders. It is quite simple to do – you need to look – whether there is at least a slight smoke from the exhaust pipe when trying to start. Of course, it is not easy to do it yourself, but anyone can help, even a child.

A modern car is not just a means of transportation, but also a very complex mechanism, even a group of mechanisms, and therefore there may be many reasons for fuel supply failure in the engine. The most common cause – problems in the fuel-conducting line. It can be the hose wear and tear, the fuel pump malfunction, the filter with poor quality or worn seals, corrosion of fuel pipes,. This problem can appear unexpectedly and after repair of the car, when the careless or just unqualified “specialists” violated the tightness of connections of individual elements of the fuel system.

Air enters the engine cylinders in different ways. Perhaps from the atmosphere, it occurs in those cases where the air can be sucked in from the outside, or there can be an intrusion from the interior of the engine. Whatever the case, either way it shows that there is a leak in the fuel system and it needs to be fixed immediately.

Air intrusion is just the beginning of problems that can lead to engine failure. Air getting into the combustion chamber does not allow the working mixture to fill the volume in the right amount, – the mixture burning time increases and, accordingly, the engine loses power when trying to increase the load. The driver at this time may notice an irregularity in engine operation and muffled sounds coming out of the exhaust pipe, you may also notice that the engine is overheating too quickly. Overheating causes the fuel mixture to ignite before it even enters the combustion chamber, and this will inevitably lead to engine failure if it is not responded to in time.

In the case of malfunction, as usual, you can try to fix the breakdown on your own, but this is only if you have certain skills. If there are none, it is better to contact experts who will conduct a thorough diagnosis and expertly repair the malfunction.

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