What to do if the car drives sideways?

First of all, let’s define what the term means – the car takes away to the side. Basically, if this happens, you will immediately feel it on the first flat section of road. The steering wheel will constantly pull either to the left, or to the right, and you will have to steer frequently to keep the car on the road.

The sensation is not pleasant, therefore you can not confuse and doubt in presence of this effect. If your car steers sideways, you will have to correct it at once. And not only because it can be very annoying, and not even because it forces to go slower than possible.

It is important to quickly find out the causes of the car’s drift as soon as possible also because it can be caused by quite serious malfunctions, with which it is unsafe to operate the car. And if you happen to be in an accident because of such a situation, and the car is too badly damaged, then turn it in for recycling: https://scrapcar.cash.

All in all, it is possible to name more than 70 reasons that can cause this unpleasant malfunction. However, most often the car is driven sideways for reasons that can be easily corrected.

So, what to do if the car started to steer?

First of all, you should try to remember what has been done with the car lately. Maybe you have changed wheels by yourself, or maybe you had a pit.

During intensive driving in the conditions of sharp temperature difference from positive to negative values on domestic roads with bad pavement, quite often unexpected failures occur.

They are revealed with the beginning of positive temperatures, and as a rule, the suspension is suffering, the safety of the car owner and the other traffic participants, including pedestrians, depends on it.

Suspension malfunctions significantly worsen the grip of the tires on the road, and in consequence, the car begins to obey the steering and veers off the straight ahead.

What can be checked independently?

Firstly, it is necessary to examine wheels. Pay attention to the wear of tires. Is it uniform on all wheels or are there obvious misalignments? Particular attention should be paid to the front wheels, of course, because they have the most impact on the fact that the car moves sideways.

If you find that one of the wheels has obviously more wear, do not try to fix anything. Go to a service station and have the alignment done.

If there is no obvious wear, check the tire pressure. If the pressure is less than normal or varies by more than 0.5 atmospheres in different wheels, inflate the wheels to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer and avoid big differences.

In addition, pay attention to your tires. There are tires that have directional tread and must be mounted a certain way. If it turns out that you accidentally mixed up the direction of rotation of the wheels, then swap the wheels to ensure proper rolling.

Also just in case, check if you are using the same wheels. What if by chance you got a wheel with a different tread pattern than on the other wheels.

If everything is alright with the wheels at first sight, and the car moves, it is recommended to check wheel balancing on the special equipment that is available at any tire fitting shop, and simultaneously make a wheel alignment.

If this does not correct the situation, then troubleshooting may be delayed.

It is possible that the wheel is jammed by the brake cylinder or pad, or the parking brake cable is jammed.

Jamming is possible when the collar in the main brake cylinder has swollen. The brake master cylinder collar must be replaced. The brake cylinders may also be jammed due to dirt or corrosion. In this case you will have to disassemble the cylinder, wash the part, remove dirt and apply grease to the working surfaces, replace the mudguards.

If everything is all right with the brakes, the camber is ideal, the wheels are without any flaws, and the car still drives sideways, then it is necessary to inspect all elements of the suspension and steering mechanism, including the booster, which is better to entrust to masters from the service center.

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