Where to look for scrap metal with a metal detector?

Nowadays, the search and sale of scrap metal has become a proven form of additional income for residents of villages and other sparsely populated areas of our large country. That’s why scrap removal in vaughan so popular. Often in remote areas away from the city is difficult to find work, and even finding a job, not always possible to feed themselves, and the family – and even more. At the same time, this part-time job does not require a large investment of time and effort.

The popularity of recycling in general is gaining momentum every year, and with it the price of a ton of scrap metal is growing. Why then do not the inhabitants of all the villages and suburbs run en masse to look for forgotten pieces of metal in the open air? The answer is in the question – this type of scrap metal was collected a long time ago in the Soviet Union or shortly after its collapse. Nowadays it is necessary to search for metal in the depths of your native country with the help of a metal detector – there is no point in digging in random places with a shovel at your side, unless the bird of happiness is sitting on your shoulder, which has the qualities of a metal detector.

Where to look for scrap metal?
People for whom scrap metal digging has become a hobby, are well aware that such a hobby, in addition to pleasant impressions, brings no less pleasant income. And they advise to begin with the budget models of metal detectors. Yes, many models can not tell, for example, lead from silver, will not notice the iron key at a depth of half a meter, but will quite cope with finding a medium-sized piece of metal. This functionality will be optimal for those who want to turn looking for scrap metal with the metal detector in your favorite hobby. The main question remains open – where to look for scrap metal with a metal detector? Let’s look into it.

Abandoned fields
Here there is a chance to find the remains of agricultural equipment – from plows and seeders to tractors and trucks. Such finds do not occur often, but in most cases they are characterized by a solid weight and impressive volume, so for example, the minimum weight of the tractor track is about 15 kg.
Garbage dumps
Occupation not too pleasant smelling, but highly effective. Every day people “dispose” of metal trash, and with the help of a metal detector it is not difficult to find at city landfills. The main thing is not to displease those who live in these places all the time.

Abandoned factories
Often a real mecca for enterprising owners of metal detectors in suburban areas, but in most all of the abandoned factories near towns have long been empty or welded, so you have to go to more distant places. It’s worth it – you can find a lot of useful recycled metal in abandoned factories. These can be spare parts, production parts, old machines, installations, pipes, wires – all of this is often not even necessary to look for with a device. However, as practice shows, the depths of such places are also full of pleasant surprises.

Recreational areas

Beaches and coastal areas – a real Klondike for metal detectors. Careless holidaymakers often lose jewelry in the sand or in the water while swimming. And if your model of metal detector provides an opportunity to dive, a good “catch” – guaranteed.

However, even more interesting for the fans of digging are remote, wild beaches and the shores of reservoirs. They hide parts from ships, vessels, sometimes even anchors.

Territories of disbanded military units.

On the active ranges you are obviously not allowed, but those that were disbanded and abandoned in Soviet times – a decent place to search for scrap metal with a metal detector. Mostly there is non-ferrous metal – shell casings from different-caliber weapons. But there is also ferrous metal – the remains of tanks and other machinery. During these searches one must be very careful as unexploded ammunition can cause serious consequences.

Territories of old settlements, fairs, villages
Where people used to live, you can find a lot of metal in the ground, including ancient coins, household utensils and other valuable and interesting things. However, erased from the face of the earth objects, not easy to find in today’s landscape, for this you will need old maps, so-called – three-verstovki.

Abandoned smithies and forges
Where to look for ferrous metal detector, except in and around abandoned forges? This is a veritable treasure trove for fans of digging. You can find such places near abandoned villages and Soviet collective farms. As a rule, in such places you can find a lot of scrap metal, and not so much large in size, but heavy – you must be prepared for this.

If you have a metal detector and a desire – you can find metal in many different places! But do not forget about the basic principles – the legality and safety. This way your hobby will bring only pleasure and profit.

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